Selecting A System

1. Cogeneration The cogeneration system to be selected requires consideration of the client's level of power and heat requirements.

Cogeneration systems are ideal for those applications where heat and electricity are required on continuous basis. The main applications are:

    hospitals, hotels, refineries, industrial projects, shopping centers and malls, prisons, universities, large office buildings, residential and commercial communities

The following criteria are important factors is selecting a viable system:

  • the cogeneration experience of the equipment manufacturer
  • operation and maintenance of the systems
  • an economic evaluation of the systems performance under comparable circumstances
  • the impact of the utility standby charges on the economic evaluation
  • the customer's preferences
2. Waste-to Energy system

We have developed two types of waste to energy systems- Anaerobic Digestion and Combustion. Similar to cogeneration we will follow the main selection criteria

    a. Anaerobic Digestion:

    The main clients are dairies, sewage treatments, and certain vegetation farms.

    b. Combustion:

    The main clients are Municipalities with solid waste, forest, and large Agricultural organizations

Implementation Program

An implementation proposal will be submitted to the client with the feasibility final report. The implementation program will be an extension of the feasibility study for engineering, supply of equipment, installation and startup.

During the engineering design phase the installation and maintenance organizations will be consulted to ensure ease of installation and operation and maintenance.

The financing of the program will be tailored to the client’s requirements.


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